Class List

The Essentials:

CBA 01/02 Introduction to Commercial Real Estate

CBA 03 Commercial Real Estate Basics

CBA 04 Income Property Analysis

CBA 05 Income Property Analysis & Comparison

Beyond the Basics:

CBA 06 Introduction to Multi-Family Investments

CBA 07 Introduction to multi-Family Listing and Selling

CBA 08 Introduction to Commercial Leasing Part A

CBA 09 Introduction to Commercial Leasing Part B

CBA 10 Advanced Income Property Analysis

CBA 11 Commercial Loans from Start to Finish

CBA 12 CRE Transaction Documents Review

CBA 13 Business Development & Prospecting

The Generalist:

CBA 14 Tenant Representation

CBA 15 Lease Negotiations

CBA 16 Lease or Purchase

CBA 17 Business Opportunities Sales

CBA 18 Hospitality Sales

CBA 19 Retail Sales/Lease

CBA 20 Industrial-Flex-R&D Sales/Lease

CBA 21 Office Sales/Lease

CBA 22 Sale & Lease Back