Commercial Brokers Association

Leadership Opportunities

CBA Leadership


    Serve as a part of the governing body of the Commercial Brokers Association. Approve new policies and procedures and take action in the best interest of the Association to meet goals and objectives established by the Board of Governors. Apply here.


    Elevate your leadership role within the Board of Governors as Chairperson-Elect.

Task Force Volunteer

    CBA Task Forces address and take action on specific parts of CBA. A full list and descriptions can be found here.

Other Opportunities

  • Follow CBA on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Post events, comments or relevant industry news to CBA social media.
  • Send us a member prospect list.
  • Submit a CBA blog post.
  • Write or submit a video of a CBA testimonial.
  •  Submit a nomination for Commercial Broker of the Year.