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TheAnalyst® PRO

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CRE TECH®’s Premier Analysis Application:

CBA has collaborated with CRE TECH so that our members will receive a 20% discount.

For new subscribers, the retail pricing is:   $34.99 per month / $299.88 per year.

TheAnalyst® PRO 

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Get a first-hand overview of CRE Tech’s TheAnalyst® PRO. In this hour-long session, we’ll travel through each section, demonstrating the application’s most popular features. You’ll see:

  • Quick calculations
  • How easy it is to produce a 10-page Investment Analysis report
  • The popular Location Risk Analysis report, which provides environmental, flood & crime data
  • The NEW Property Tour & Rating* tool!

See how minimum inputs result in maximum output with this convenient desktop and mobile application. Plus, learn how you can get started with a 7-day free trial.