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Tell Congress to SAY NO to 1031 Exchange Tax Reform!



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We need YOUR voice.

Congress will be introducing tax reform bills in the next few months. Section 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges are directly threatened and could very well be repealed or severely limited.

When investors or businesses structure their sales as 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges, they are able to defer paying capital gains taxes, State taxes and most other taxes. The 1031 Exchange is a powerful tool that encourages people and entities to re-invest their profits into new property, stimulating business and economic growth.

Most people, businesses and the overall economy are all touched by the use of 1031 Exchanges.  A repeal or even a limitation will have an immediate, negative impact on real estate and the overall economy.

We are working to ensure that a repeal or restriction of Section 1031 is NOT included in any bill that is introduced.  Your assistance in this effort is needed right NOW. We have just a few months to influence this legislation.  It takes 30 seconds to send Congress a letter saying NO to 1031 Exchange Tax Reform.

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