Commercial Brokers Association

CBA Task Forces

Broker Exchange Task Force

The Broker Exchange Task Force serves to maintain consistency between the CBA Broker Exchanges and expand the locations in which they are held.

Membership Task Force

The Membership Task Force learns the challenges of the members and determines ways to communicate membership benefits or develop new ways CBA can help meet those challenges. The mission of the task force is to be responsible for retention and recruitment of members, and the promotion of the benefits of membership.

Nominating and Elections Task Force

The Nominating Committee works to find potential champions among the membership to serve as Leaders with the Board of Governors. In addition, the Task Force reviews nominations for open board positions, interviews candidates and organizes the annual election ballot.

CBA Achievement Awards Task Force

CBA members receive peer recognition through our annual achievement awards. Peers elect and vote for recipients of a variety of awards and are nominated and judged by a panel of industry experts.