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CBA Membership Application

Basic Membership is open to all who would like to participate

CBA Basic Benefits Information


CBA Platinum Membership Application

The following are the Platinum membership applicant requirements

  1. Submit a completed Platinum Membership Application, include commercial designations.

  2. Applicant will provide a resume to confirm their commercial real estate experience, which should include commercial transactions that support the applicant’s specialization of a single or multiple commercial (Sector) property type.

  3. Applicant must have a website or a web page that has commercial real estate content promoting the applicant’s commercial services.

  4. The applicant’s CALBRE License will be verified and checked for any disciplinary action.

  5. CBA will review your request for Platinum Membership and respond to you with in 5 days or less.

Platinum membership package; Enhanced company profile, Platinum Members will be listed in the member directory by their commercial business, specializations, designation (CCIM, SIOR, ALC, CPM, CRE) and market area (City) by Map location. You will also be listed as  a  CBA Platinum Member.  All commercial referrals will be directed to the CBA Platinum Members. 

CBA Platinum Benefits Information