Commercial Brokers Association

Having A Problem with a Commercial Broker?




A member of the Public or another broker can file a complaint on a member of CBA through our Commercial Grievance task force.

Various issues can arise in the buying, selling or leasing of commercial property that can make the transaction unnecessarily complicated.  CBA offers the following resources to help resolve those issues:

Consumer and Broker Ombudsman Service
Occasionally, consumers or members find themselves in a dispute with another broker.  The Commercial Ombudsman program is here to help!  Commercial Ombudsmen are volunteers that serve as a neutral and independent voice to answer consumer or broker questions, improve communication between parties, and suggest possible ways to resolve issues.  The Ombudsman does not adjudicate or mediate disputes, and can’t require either party to do anything.  Instead, the volunteer Ombudsman can help the parties by providing information and a neutral point of view.  In Ethics issues, Ombudsmen do not determine whether ethics violations have occurred; instead, they anticipate, identify and work with the parties to resolve any misunderstandings and disagreements before they ripen into a more significant dispute.

Please note:  Ombudsmen are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice or answer legal questions.


The Ombudsman is a free service that CBA offers for its members. If you wish the assistance of a Ombudsman, you may call (650) 598-0621 or email the Ombudsman  at 

Consumer Mediation