Commercial Brokers Association

Commercial Referral Program

Member benefit;

CBA will assist members with their referrals in;

  1. Identifying opportunities
  2. Understanding the referral process
  3. Selecting the referee
  4. Completing the referral paper work
  5. Acting as an ombudsman for any concerns between the referee and the referrer

Please forward a copy of the executed referral document. We want to track referrals within CBA.

Also, when a referral fee is paid out, please let us know so that we can let all CBA members know about the success of the referral program

We will be recognizing the top referees and referrers at the annual CBA Commercial Awards event.  So, keep us informed of your referral activities.

We recommend that you select only from the CBA Platinum Members list to refer your commercial opportunities to.
To learn more about referring commercial opportunities, attend our CBA 102 – “Referral Opportunities and Guidelines” class. Click here to check the class schedule for the next CBA 102 class.

Level – 1  “Cold Lead”
Approx. 10% to the referring broker/agent
– Refers the name of the referral with contact information.

Level – 2  “Warm Lead”
Approx. 20% to the referring broker/agent
– Knows the referred client.
– Provides an introduction.
– Describes the commercial opportunity.
– May set up the meeting between the referral (client) and the referral receiving broker.

Level – 3  “Hot Lead”
Approx. 25%+ to the referring broker/agent
– There is a trust factor between the referring broker/agent and the prospective commercial client.
– The referring broker/agent helps deliver the business through the relationship with their commercial client.

Should you have any questions, please contact Steven McMurtrie, 831-854-2116 or