Commercial Brokers Association

Commercial Mentor Program

CBA offers 22 commercial training classes, masterminds, expert panels, and commercial broker exchanges for members who want to expand their business plan to include commercial real estate.

The CBA Mentor Program is another tool for CBA basic members.

This CBA Mentor Program provides an opportunity for members to enhance their knowledge and expertise in commercial real estate by collaborating directly with a CBA Platinum mentor.

  • Any CBA Member can be a Mentee.
  • Only CBA Platinum Members qualify to be Mentors.

Members can log in to the “Member Center” and locate the CBA Mentor Program Template in the Commercial Document Library under the Resource Tab.

The CBA Mentor Program Template is only a recommendation.  The agreement between the Mentee and the Mentor is solely based upon their negotiation of terms and conditions.

Should you have any questions about our Mentor Program, please call or email Steven McMurtrie