Commercial Brokers Association

Assembly Bill 802 Repeals AB1103

“AB1103 will be effective until 12.31. 15.  So any escrows that close by the end of this year will need benchmarking.  There will be no benchmarking disclosure requirements in 2016. The CEC is preparing a new series for 2017 for buildings over 50,000sf.” Rick Williams, CommEnergy

“Technically AB 1103 disclosures are still required until the end of the year.  AB 802 does delete the benchmarking trigger tied to real estate transactions.  It will however make it mandatory for buildings over 50,000 ft2 to benchmark starting in 2017 (I believe).  The CA Energy Commission will also have the authority to impose fines for non-compliance, so there may be more teeth in this version.”  Justin Tiedemann, LEED AP, CEO, EcoCosm, Inc.

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