Commercial Brokers Association

About Us


Commercial Brokers Association (CBA) is California’s premier commercial real estate association promoting and serving the commercial market since 1994.

Created by and for individuals in the commercial real estate industry, CBA is specifically designed to provide brokers and sales associates with a host of valuable services to make commercial transactions hassle-free.

CBA is positioned to provide commercial resources to members throughout all of California. We continue to advance our mission and vision on a statewide basis, to coordinate education, information, networking, referrals and public policy for the benefit of its members.

Our membership is made up of commercial real estate professionals, specializing in commercial real estate services and dedicated to serving the needs of commercial clients in aspects of commercial sales, investments, leasing, appraising, property management, commercial loans and development.  CBA members hold themselves accountable to the highest professional and ethical standards.

Members of CBA collaborate with other commercial associations and have access to a network of thousands of commercial real estate professionals.

CBA Education provides quality educational opportunities (live and online), commercial masterminds, expert panels, commercial transaction forms, participation in the California commercial referral network, commercial directory.

As the premier commercial association for commercial real estate professionals in the state of California, we take every opportunity to negotiate lower costs for commercial products and services.