Commercial Brokers Association



By Mary Ann Cadorna CalBRE 01345274

First of all, I feel so fortunate to have joined an organization that has such good leadership. Organizational people, who truly want nothing more than to see you succeed as commercial real estate practitioner.

Here’s why, the barrier to entry in Commercial Real estate has been a number of factors. Like opportunity, being locked out and feeling intimidated by the big players. Secondly, cost of entry, fees for commercial are much higher than residential and it hinders agents from making that transition. Third, getting into a firm seemed like getting into a law firm, and one needed connections and sponsorship or a buddy system to get in!

Despite the aforementioned, if you are able to find a company or brokerage to work for, the greatest barrier of all to a commissions is the big informational barrier the proverbial brick wall. How does one get the information and the training they need to transact fast, if at all?

Well, I found the answer and it goes back to the wonderful organization that I belong to NCCAR and Stephen Harper’s Straight Talk Academy. I kid you not, it’s the best training video I have seen in the last 13 years. What’s so important is that it’s available to you and me now! Stephen is engaging, straight forward and informational. Although I just started module one, I am so inspired by his information and the way he presents it that I know whole heartedly I am going to succeed and go from good to great!

There is a cost to entry, for this education, but a lot less than what is out there. The greater value however is you may start transacting, not in six months or one year, but now! With Stephen Harper and his Straight Talk Academy you feel empowered, at that is the best feeling of all. To know that I can learn to earn and grow my own commercial informational wings and soon see my business take flight.

Thank you so much NCCAR and Stephen Harper co-founder of Straight Talk Academy, for helping me to grow in information and income!

Sincerely, Mary Ann Cadorna – Commercial Realtor – CalBRE 01345274