Commercial Brokers Association

2 Day CRE Class – August 5th & 6th

Expand your Real Estate Business Plan to Include Commercial Real Estate

The Basics of Commercial Real Estate for the Residential Real Estate Agent

Co-Sponsor – West San Gabriel Association of REALTORS
Instructor: Steven McMurtrie

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Commercial Intro
Introduction to Commercial Real Estate

  • California Commercial Alliance
  • Commercial Basics you need to know
  • Property Types
  • Types of Clients
  • Identify Commercial RE Opportunities
  • Cash Flow Model Basics
  • Income Analysis Basics
  • Risk Management and Article 11
  • Commercial Referral Guidelines

Commercial 102
Fundamentals of Investment Analysis

  • Types of Commissions
  • Fundamentals of Investment Real Estate
  • Types of Leases and Lease Structures
  • Adding Value
  • Impact of Debt on Commercial Real Estate
  • Case Study
  • Sales Strategy

Commercial 103
Annual Property Operating Data (APOD)

  • What is an APOD?
  • Why do we use an APOD?
  • Completing an APOD – Case Study
  • Calculating Cost Recovery and Why?
  • Calculating Capital Gains Tax and Why?

            Commercial 104
Investment Analysis and Comparison

  • Measure Performance
  • Compare to Other Investments
  • Decide Whether to Buy
  • If so, at what price
  • Decide Whether to Sell
  • If so, at what price

Commercial 105A
Introduction to Multifamily

  • Why and How to sell Multifamily
  • Purchase – Investment
  • Case Study – Purchase

            Commercial 105B
Introduction to Multifamily

  • Multifamily Disposition (Sales) Strategies
  • Listing Procedures
  • Disclosure Requirements
  • Recaptured Depreciation
  • Capital Gains Tax